Car Diagnostics Swansea

Are warning lights appearing on your dashboard? Bring your vehicle to our workshop for car diagnostics. Here our experienced mechanics will provide professional checks using the latest equipment to identify any problems with your motor. Additionally, we offer all customers a fast and efficient service at a competitive price, along with a free no-obligation quote. Contact us today to book an appointment in our Swansea-based car garage.

Vehicle Diagnostics

We use specialist industry equipment to carry out your car diagnostics to ensure accurate results. Our top-of-the-range systems scan your car’s programmed components and sensors. This gives us a much better picture of what’s going on inside your vehicle. We can safely analyse everything, from the engine to the oil tank and much more!

A standard diagnostic test can take on average just a couple of hours to complete, depending on the type of vehicle you have. So, depending on the outcome of the test, you can be in and out of our garage on the same day!

Signs You Need Car Diagnostics

It’s always good to conduct regular car checks to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers is not compromised. However, sometimes it can be difficult to identify the problem, and certainly even harder to find a solution. Allow us to help. If you experience any of the below warning signs, or you suspect your vehicle needs a professional diagnostic or servicing bring it to our garage in Swansea today.

Expert Vehicle Fault Finding

There are many advantages to getting car diagnostics. Although the warning lights on your dashboard are sometimes able to indicate where an issue is, diagnostics is the best way to work out exactly what’s wrong and plan a bespoke treatment.

Not only does this improve the overall safety of your car, but it also protects its value and prevents any expensive replacements being needed later down the line. Without servicing and car diagnostics, minor issues can turn into larger problems such as a drastic drop in your vehicle’s performance, premature component failure, and inefficient fuel economy. Prevent this from occurring by acting quickly and contacting our garage in Swansea today.

Combine Engine Diagnostics With Car Servicing

We recommend getting a full service alongside your car diagnostics, to get a full picture of what’s going on with your vehicle’s health. This is the best way to find faults and resolve them without before they can cause too much damage to your vehicle. 

Prices – Our car diagnostic services cost as little as £60 including VAT. We also offer a standard full annual service from £195 and an oil and filter service from £80.

When you choose to service your vehicle alongside your diagnostics, we will meticulously inspect the interior and exterior of your vehicle to detect any issues. Our full service includes:

Get In Touch For Car Diagnostics

Call today to speak to one of our diagnostic technicians.

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