How Long Does An MOT Take?

An MOT is the annual mandatory vehicle check that every road user must acquire each year. It covers a variety of emissions and safety features to ensure your vehicle is as safe and clean as possible. Fortunately, most MOT technicians are very efficient in their day-to-day work. As a result, most MOTs are quick and painless. If your car passes the first time, you could be in and out of the garage within 45-60 minutes.

Unfortunately, if your vehicle fails then there may be some maintenance work and a retest involved. This can add to the overall time taken. To learn more about MOTs in the UK, we’ve put together an overview of common questions and answers.

What Does MOT Stand For?

MOT stands for ‘Ministry of Transport’ test. It’s an assessment of your vehicle by a licensed professional to check for certain elements. It’s been a common part of motoring since the 1960s and plays a vital role in road safety. Without these tests on all vehicles, there would likely be a lot more air pollution in our cities, and more accidents due to unsafe cars.

How Can I Tell If My MOT Has Run Out?

As a road user, it’s essential to keep up to date on your MOT expiry. If you’re caught without one on your vehicle, there are hefty fines involved. Ultimately, this is due to the safety involved with an untested vehicle. Fortunately, if you don’t have the documents right to hand, there’s a handy government checker to help you. You can check the MOT history of a vehicle by simply inputting your number plate, make and model and the database will provide you with exact dates so you never risk expiry.

What Does An MOT Cover?

An MOT covers safety and emissions of your vehicle. This means the components of your car that could jeopardise the quality of our air, such as a catalytic converter, and the health of other road users, such as your brakes. As a result, some elements go unchecked, which leads us on to our next question below.

Do I Still Need Car Servicing If My Car Has Passed?

An MOT does not check your vehicle’s overall health. It will cover parts such as your steering, brake pads, tyres and other safety features. However, it will not cover engine health, fluid levels and other integral working parts. As a result, it’s advisable to carry out both an MOT and car servicing at least once a year to ensure everything stays running smoothly

Diagnosing Car Faults

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