Car Servicing: How To Financially Prepare For Vehicle Maintenance

Car servicing can be costly if you’re not prepared for it. Although the month-to-month costs aren’t substantial, they can stack up annually and result in unexpected deficits. Fortunately, if you anticipate these costs and create yourself a realistic financial plan for the year, you can cover your car maintenance and plan accordingly. Although servicing isn’t a monthly occurrence, saving for it is. As a result, little and regular can be all the investment you need to cover vehicle servicing. To find out more about this, read on.

What Is Car Servicing?

Car servicing is regular maintenance on your vehicle. It covers a variety of areas that your MOT may not. Wheels, brakes, suspension, engine and electrical components are a few examples of parts that get checked during a service. It’s recommended you carry this out every 3-6 months to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Additionally, one of the best aspects of this service is the ability to anticipate a much more severe and costly issue. An oil leak for example. If this is caught early, it’s an affordable fix. However, if you miss it, and your engine loses all oil, it can seize up and be an extremely costly repair bill.

Monthly Vehicle Maintenance Plan

It’s important to put money away each month as an accumulative savings fund for servicing. Although services can vary each year, you can assess past costs to give yourself an accurate estimate of yearly costs. We recommend taking the average annual servicing costs from previous years, splitting it into 12 separate instalments and putting that much away each month. This way, you’re covered for all future car servicing bills.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Allowing For Unexpected Car Servicing Costs

Car servicing is not always affordable, this is due to the nature of motoring. Sometimes it’s an oil change and a couple of new break pads, other times it’s a new head gasket and a set of tyres. This inconsistency is hard to allow for. However, we recommend putting away an emergency fund for unexpected costs. A good way to work this cost out is 5-15% of your vehicle’s value, depending on age and resale price. The older the car, the higher the percentage. If you split this into twelve monthly instalments, you’ve now planned ahead for all future servicing costs.

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